Certification Levels of Learning


Reiki I & II

The first degree opens the energy channel and permits the student to channel Reiki mainly at the physical level, both for himself and for others. It consists of one initiation in the Usui  system.The student may note a subtle energy flowing through his hands. This can be perceived in various ways, including heat, coolness, tickling, buzzing, or just a strange feeling in the hands. Sometimes it takes a period of time after the initiation before the student feels the energy.

This level is open to anyone. No previous experience or preparation is required. . The initiation connects the student’s energy system to the Universal Energy. Energy blockages are released, balancing and harmonizing the major energy centers known as Dantian.


The Second Level requires that the student has completed the First Level and has had sufficient practice for the energy to be flowing with less variation in intensity.
In the second Level Reiki placement, the central channel is opened up to a greater level, and the amount of energy that can be channeled increases.

The student receives three symbols emeded in the Aura.
This increases the amount of energy that can be channeled. Allows works on the mental and emotional levels of the person receiving the energy.  Particularly helpful in dealing with anger, sadness, anxiety, depression and problems with relationships and when sending Reiki to the cause of a condition. To heal unwanted habits such as smoking.

Healing to be sent at a distance. The recipient does not have to be physically present, but could be anywhere in the world. Reiki can be sent to specific events in the past, or to the cause of a problem, even if the cause is unknown. 

Holy FireReiki Master Practitioner– 3A

This Leve increases the student’s capacity to channel the Universal Energy. The student is also given the Usui Reiki Master Symbol, which allows him to work on a spiritual level and helps him to contact his own inner truth. This level is called Inner Master because it involves recognizing that each person is the master of his own destiny, responsible for his own life. This knowledge can often help the student to find his true path in life and may require him to make changes in his life.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher (Empowerment to Teach others )

Holy Fire Reiki  Symbols is granted here at the end of 3-4 Ignitions carried out in 3 days with a gap of 24-48 hours . The student learns the techniques that permit him to perform Reiki Placement.

The Reiki Master takes on the responsibility of teaching Reiki to others. He/she has the ability to do placement to students so that they can use the Reiki energy in their own journey of self-discovery and healing.

Holy Fire Reiki Master Certification is given on completion of Course.