Usui Holy Fire Reiki


The evolution of reiki Holy Fire discovered in 2018 by the team of William Lee Rand ( Karuna Ki Reiki founder and owner of ICRT) , the next levels of consciousness . more automated deep healing system. Holy Fire energy is more refined and effective, it brings in new levels of conscious experience. That are amazingly enjoyable. Rather than having to work at the healing process, it is more a matter of simply realizing that weaknesses and problems that used to be there are no longer present and have been replaced with a wonderful new level of confidence, clarity and happiness. And at the same time there is a feeling that your spiritual path and process of personal growth are being taken care of, making it easy to be in present time, enjoying the moment 

There are 3 Ignitions/Placements for Reiki Masters to switch to HOLYFIRE Reiki teaching methods where student is made placement for Reiki flow.

That are called ignitions and placement instead of attunement. 

Key Features that are different from old Practices of REIKI

Traditional Usui Reiki

Holy Fire Usui Reiki

Teaching and practicing needs Symbols each time to connect

No symbol is called to connect although taught in the course

Symbols and specific techniques are followed for self /others healing

Deep healing mode, an automotive healing process through guided meditation script.

Past present future are focused to heal intentionally

Time line blockages are dissolved by itself through practice.

For every healing separate session is maintained

One time session is on for 24 hours

People experience peace relaxation after the session

More profound experience of peace and relaxation as compared to simple technque

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