Reiki (OneDay) Learning

Reiki One day session is available Online too, for details contact

Reiki One day session is conventional method of learning . The students join the class on the scheduled date & time, Student has to spends 4-7 hours for theory and practice / demonstration with teacher to learn all the basic Principles.

  •  History & Origin of Reiki
  •  Moral obligations to practice Reiki
  •  About Dr. Makao Usui and other Reiki teachers
  •  Reiki Principles
  •  Self protection and daily Reiki practice.
  •  Goals to achieve with Reiki ( Abundance , Health ,Love etc)  
  •  About Holy Fire Reiki
  •  Reiki is life line same as water, food, oxygen
  •  Reiki today
  •  What to Focus after learning Reiki
  •  do and Don'ts of Reiki
  •  Science, or Reiki 
  •  Reiki and Quantum Physics.
Reiki Certificate is to be shown for next level learning out of 4 Levels.

for details follow the Fee Structure here

Every level has its own course description, that is provided in the related class , teacher is bound to explain the LINEAGE and the following information.