Having a medium- to large-sized mirror can help a space appear brighter and larger. The mirror reflects the existing light, adding more light to a space. Mirrors also reflect the room opposite the mirror. If a mirror faces an open space, it will help to make the room appear more open and, therefore, larger.

8 Benefits of Mirrors in the Home
  1. Mirrors Produce the Illusion of Space. ...
  2. Mirrors Make a Statement. ...
  3. Mirrors Increase a Room's Appeal. ...
  4. Mirrors Maximize a Room's Lighting. ...
  5. Mirrors Bring a Good Energy to a Room. ...
  6. Mirrors Keep You Looking Sharp. ...
  7. Mirrors Offer Additional Security. ...
  8. Mirrors Are a Tasteful Way to Hide Imperfections.

If you want to maximize the amount of light reflected from a mirror, place it opposite or near a window where it can reflect natural light. You can also place a mirror near a piece of art or opposite a colorful wall if your goal is to enhance the color in a space. 

The feng shui involves using energy forces to harmonize people with their environments. Mirrors are thought to invite energy into a space. If a mirror is placed so that it reflects the outdoors such as water or woods, it will invite those energies into your home or business.

Feng shui principals also recommend that you place a mirror in your main entry to brighten the space. It also allows your to check your appearance before leaving the house. Plus, mirrors give visitors a sense of your tastes right away. However, it’s important to make sure the mirror isn’t facing the door directly.

Avoid placing a mirror facing a staircase because it is thought to increase the unsettling energy of the staircase. In addition, placing two mirrors across from each other is thought to create a constant bouncing of energy back and forth, which is considered chaotic. It’s recommended not to place mirrors across from each other. Finally, you should avoid placing a mirror above your bed or facing the bed.

Feng shui recommends placing a mirror above a fireplace so that the mirror, which represents the water element, can calm the fire element and bring a tranquil energy.

While the balance of water and fire is ideal for a fireplace, it can create chaotic energy in the kitchen, where fire is the reigning element. However, mirrors in dining rooms are thought to double the amount of food, energetically, not literally, inviting increased wealth and abundance in your life.

Feng shui followers also avoid mirrors that are cloudy, broken, distorted, obscured or disconnected. Instead, you should use a clear, single piece of glass.

Mirror Locations

  •  You can place a mirror in the hallway to make the smaller space appear larger. You could also place it in a dedicated space where you need to see your movement.
  •  Mirrors can also be used in any room where you want to enhance a space’s brightness.
  • For a business, mirrors can be used in many of the same ways. In some instances, they can be useful to make sure a customer can check out their own appearance, such as a salon or clothing store. 
  • They could also be useful for employees in positions that require them to interact with clients. They are also useful for employees to make sure that they’re wearing equipment or a uniform properly.
  • Mirrors can be used to reflect light, not just in an effort to make a room appear brighter, but to cut down on electricity costs due to the added brightness.
  • A well placed mirror can enhance your business or your customers’ or employees’ experiences.

Mirror Options

Order  can be placed for a mirror as per requirement