Meditation For Every One

The meditation classes are scheduled every month for Meditation lovers , You can be the part of this amazing self journey driven activity, by following our schedules on social media or get added to WhatsApp group for updates. Be the part and invite others too to learn to unlearn. join the group by sending your name to whats app number at bottom of the post with #Meditation

Once Every Month

We arrange a session online or at any venue once every month to keep more and more people to contribute the collective purpose of PEACE on the globe.
                  Some Common Postures for doing meditation 


Benefits of meditation

It has scientifically been proved people who meditate are having more happy healthy and peaceful life as compared to those who do not know how to detach from their daily routine , tensions, frustrations through mecitation. 

Types of meditation

Meditations are of different kind, depending upon what benefit one wants out of it two main categories are 
  • Active meditation
  • Passive Meditation
In active meditation we have a purpose of that particular meditation and we focus some 
thing to mediate on like Gazing  a DOT , Flame or listening to particular sounds , guided meditations .or chanting /zikr.

Where as Passive meditation is just to observe the present moment starting from following the breath and trying to put off your mind, reaching a state which is called SILENCE , the starting point of spiritual awakening.

Duration of meditation
Minimum  time required for meditation is 20 minutes in one session one may extend to one hour daily. 

Best time for meditation
Scientific research agrees on the timings for best results with meditation are Early morning 3- 5 am or Before going to sleep . afternoon 1-2 hrs before sunset is also considered a best time . 

How long does it take the meditation to impact.
There is no set rule for it because every human has different personal attributes, One must give self 21 -41 days for finding results of regular meditation what ever tye of meditation is being done.

Breathing meditation
Simplest meditation any body can do at any time is to follow the deep breath. Sitting is a comfortable quite place with back straight on chair or floor and start breathing very very slow that one cant even hear, own sound of breath and use belly to indicate that air is filled in. Now Exhale same way in very slow mode so that can hear own breathing sound. doing this for 5 min daily creates amazing results.

Sound meditation
Guided meditation , music and special beats are used during this meditation . Sound of water flow, sea waves or raining h
as an amazing result.

Gazing meditation
Gazing at a burning lame , a dot on wall , mirror or simile any object improves concentration and eye sight both

Walk meditation
This is the most simple and interesting meditation . Walking on the beach or in green or over the grass with focusing on breath or counting again is an amazing activity.