Healing Water

Reiki Charged Water

Everything is made up of energy or particles, and in the Universe  is connected by same energy, since it is in everything.  We are therefore all connected too, and so affect each other at an  energetic level all the time. Water has a memory, according to scientists believe that as water travels in rivers streams it picks up and stores information from all of the places that it has traveled through, which can thereby connect people to a lot of different places and sources of information when they drink this water, depending on the journey that it has been on. Same theory is applied when water is charged with reiki it brings miraculous results

Reiki charged Water can be used for
  1. Healthy Skin and Hair
  2. Antiaging
  3. During Chemotherapy
  4. Stomach upsets
  5. Depression /lack of sleep
  6. Students for Exams
  7. Harmonizing Family life 
  8. Evil eyes /remove negativity
  9. Post Surgeries for quick recovery
Reiki Healed water is replacement of taking reiki session as in person. in cases where reaching a healer is difficult or in cases where whole day reiki healing is required after few hours.  Reiki healed water is the best solution to wash away diseases and blockages in cells to the DNA level.

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