Kundliani Reiki /Activtion

In the beginning phases of kundalini awakening, you'll feel something changing in your being, The newly awakened kundalini energy will allow you to feel more present. You become more aware of your senses, bodily functions and energy levels. This awakening can also make you feel more at peace and able to appro
ach life with a calmer state of mind. There is a definite change of consciousness in the individual as well as a noticeable transformation in his character. Those who experience this feel more balanced and have an improved attitude

According to many gurus, health benefits of awakening the kundalini include clarity of mind and soul , knowing the other dimensions and ONENESS.

Kundalini Reiki / Activation

Kundalini awakening is done through Raaj yoga , where as kundalini Reiki was introduced by Ole Gabrielsen. and is comparatively swift to deal with hidden treasure of energies in Tale bone of every human.  We teach Kundalini activation by using both the techniques merged Using Kundalini Key granted by Master. The process is completed in 21 days/ three weeks. The Kundalini Syndrome chances  (Reactions) are  zero.

 Master activates all the chakras /Energy centers ,cleansing      
                       followed by 5 days exercises or an activity before sleep.

Kundalini is activated and is Raised up by the master with some 

Key/Symbol is given and taught how to use them; meditate with them . Energies are raised and a clear difference is noticed by the practitioner

Fee For activating Kundalini REIKI is PKR :30,000