Home Study Reiki Learning (Online)

 We are offering a course that provides intense support, and includes interactive elements like guided meditations and workbook activities is a great way to maintain engagement and ensure that students can integrate Reiki practice into their lives effectively. The group sharing aspect also seems like a valuable addition to foster a sense of community and shared learning. This holistic approach aligns well with your background in comprehensive wellness and humanistic values. 

The prerequisites for joining your unique Reiki learning workshop are designed to accommodate a diverse range of students and job personnel. Here are the key points:

  1. Time Flexibility: This course is specifically tailored for individuals who cannot invest a full day in learning Reiki. By spreading the course over several months, you allow students to learn at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Absorption of Information: Recognizing that absorbing a lot of new information in a single session can be challenging, your course structure aims to break down the learning process into manageable segments. This approach ensures that students can grasp the material effectively.

  3. Close Monitoring: Reiki practice often involves personal transformation. By providing close monitoring and support, you address the changes students may experience during their Reiki journey. This personalized attention enhances their learning experience.

  4. Installment Payments: Offering the option to pay the course fee in installments makes it accessible to a wider audience. Financial flexibility encourages more individuals to participate and commit to their Reiki practice.

  5. Interactive Elements: Guided meditations and workbook activities keep the learning process engaging and practical. Students actively apply Reiki principles and techniques, reinforcing their understanding.

  6. Group Sharing: Creating a supportive community through group sharing fosters a sense of connection. Students can learn from each other’s experiences, share insights, and feel motivated to continue their Reiki practice.

Overall, your holistic approach aligns with your background in comprehensive wellness and humanistic values. If there are any additional prerequisites or specific requirements, feel free to share them with potential participants.

Course Outline:

Month1 : 

Reiki history , Nature and insights
Meditations for home work
Science of Dalmatians & Medians  
Little Human Physiology
Self healing practice 
Work Book & Follow up .

Month 2:

 Level 1 Symbol Placement.
 Self Healing step by step
 Detail usage explained, 
 Reiki steps and essentials
 Workbook for home work 

Month 3 :

 2 Symbols placement.
 Learning Forgiveness 
 Emotional Balancing
 Keeping the practice intact
 Interaction with teacher and Reiki fellows (Case studies)

Month 4 :

 Remote Healing Techniques
 Reiki Boosting techniques
 Reiki water Charging
 Candles Charging /utilities 
 Auto Reiki /Reiki Clock techniques (Case studies)
 Completion Certificate

See the Fee Structure  here, whats app for more details &