Reiki 4M is a special gift to SELF-HELP lovers 1st time ever.

  • The package is designed for those students/ job personnel, who cannot take out time to learn Reiki in one day or few hours that are mandatory to following the course
  • It is also difficult for some followers to absorb a lot of new information in one session only.
  • Reiki fellows need close monitoring for the changes they face during reiki practice.
  • its easy to pay fee in istallment and complete the course in few months
  • This is a unique package , not offered ever before.
  • Intense support , guided mediations , workbook activities make it interactive and intersting , where as practicing reiki alone aften ends up at the loss of interest.
  • Group sharing makes it worth applying on life.

Course Outline:

Month1 : 

Reiki history , Nature and insights
Meditations for home work
Science of Dalmatians & Medians  
Little Human Physiology
Self healing practice 
Work Book & Followup .

Month 2:

 Level 2 Placement of 3 symbols 
 Their detail use explained, 
 Reiki steps and essentials
 Workbook for home work 

Month 3 :

 Self Help Tools and methodology
 Learning Forgiveness and Let go
 Emotional Balancing
 Keeping the practice intact
 Interaction with teacher and Reiki fellows (Case studies)

Month 4 :

 Remote Healing Techniques
 Self Healing step by step
 Reiki Boosting techniques
 Reiki water Charging
 Candles Charging /utilities 
 Auto Reiki /Reiki Clock techniques (Case studies)
 Completion Certificate

See the Fee  ,Break down for the long course is discussed individually with student  contact us  for details.