The most common and understandable way of healing, 
the session lasts for 30 - 40 minutes after counselling and discussion in addition to the awareness about reiki is given to the client 

Hand on healing  is a wonderful experience , aura of the healer is transmitting healing energy to the recipient. The recipient may feel warmth, cold, Tingling or may not feel any thing as the Energy healing is assessed with its result that is has. The immediate result is feeling relaxed, lighter and bliss are common in 99.9% people.

Client is asked to either sit or lie down comfortably with back bone straight , relax and enjoy what ever is coming . 
Once the flow has started client might feel tingling sensation , warmth or cold or might not feel any thing .However client do feel relaxed after the session is complete .In most of the cases clients go to sleep and are left to relax after the session by the healer.
In majority of the cases they got feed back of having a calm sleep that night , elevated mood, increased apatite, feeling joy etc. 

Note: Reiki is not telepathy or hypnotism, its pure divine energy flow naturally in all living being.

Reiki session not  necessarily is taken ion case of illness or any disorder, one can take reiki session once a month to keep all natural physical and emotional function running smooth and avoid blockages that in future might cause a disease or illness.

the added advantages of reiki in person sessions.

Alleviated mood:  General feeling of happiness 

Sleep well:    Sleep cycle becomes normal with complete benefits.
Skin Glow :   Most of the people gone through such session find their skin
                           started glowing.
Freedom : An amazing feel, freedom of all the  boundaries  responsibilities.