What Does Reiki do

1- Removes depression ( Quality Life )
2- Balance metabolism (digestion, sleep etc)
3- Boosts stamina
4- Makes look young by refreshing the Skin
5- Help to improve Memory, focus, and creativity (students/career tool)
6- Post surgery speed healing
8- Heals emotional trauma (divorce, loss of dear ones or finance)
9- Harmonies mutual family relationships /family
10-Improved intuitive ability /decision making

Reiki works well when There is 

1-Awareness and trust in this wisdom 
2-Trust in the Healer
4-Patience to let it work in case of healings for deep rooted
     illness or emotional traumas like cancer / paralysis  for a
     longer period of time.

Remote healing is one of the most effective tool to do reiki therapy. Remote Reiki means the healer and recipient are not present at one place . This also mean healing is being sent to events , emotions , future and past.

Healing form a distance seems strange, but quantum physics rules explain the phenomenon very well . Energy can travel fast .Remote healing is a convenient way to heal others at distance, or those who need healing daily and travelling is not possible.
Remote healing is as strong as in person getting healed at studio.
For long duration healing made offered able to benefit more toward wellness.

  • Reiki can be used on future goals , 
  • broken relationships , heart breaks , emotional trauma , 
  • Fear of unknown , It was found very effective for the newly married couple to have it before getting into matrimonial bond, that supports adjustment with the new situation and new environment and family.
  • Students afraid of studies can have the sessions to overcome examination phobia where as focus for studies and memory to perform the best in exams is another advantage of reiki healing.