How does a Reiki Session Feel

How does a Reiki session feel?

Feelings of relaxation, peacefulness, warmth, and calm are commonly reported by people who experience a Reiki session.5

Other sensations people may feel include:4 Heat Cold Tingling Or even nothing at all What Research Says About Reiki

Thank you for sharing this comprehensive information about the health benefits of Reiki! Let’s delve into each point:

  1. Stress Reduction and Relaxation:

    • Reiki is designed to trigger the body’s relaxation response, reducing stress.
    • Stress can lead to irregular heart rhythms, gastrointestinal problems, eating disorders, mood disorders, and sexual problems.
    • Reiki helps counteract these effects by promoting relaxation and balance.

  2. Reducing Depression and Anxiety:

    • Studies show that Reiki improves overall mood and reduces anxiety.
    • Positive energy increases, leading to decreased depression, anger, and confusion.
    • Reiki’s impact on mood positively influences mental well-being.

  3. Mobility Improvement for Pain:

    • Reiki has been compared to physical therapy in improving range of motion (ROM).
    • Both Reiki and physical therapy showed similar effects on ROM.
    • The benefits may arise from local joint or muscle changes.

  4. Healing Infections and Inflammations:

    • A remarkable case involved Reiki healing an infection after reconstructive surgery.
    • Another study showed Reiki benefiting an obese hypertensive patient with Hepatitis C.
    • Improved neutrophil count and hematocrit led to infection-free outcomes.

  5. Metabolic Syndrome and Reiki:

    • Metabolic syndrome, linked to diabetes and heart disease risk, affects many.
    • While physical activity is crucial, Reiki has shown effectiveness too.

Remember that individual responses to Reiki can vary, and it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.