Transformation to Happiness -DNA Reprograming

Grwong to the fullest potential for living a happy,  prosperous life. The benefits of this course results at a sustained mental peace, abundance, happiness, harmonious mutual relationships. Healthy mind body and emotional state of being. Enhanced personal magnetism, glowing skin and helthy fresh face/ age regression so in simple words, what ever you desire, you attract in your life.

Healing journey starts with healing the self. In order to heal your relationships and career, you need to love yourself first. Our souls were created with love and all the emotions like fear, insecurities, regret or shame is the exact opposite to love. Such negative emotions are our real challenges we need to deal with if we want true joy, peace and abundance in
life. Since childhood we are trained to not to love ourselves. We grow up  hearing to be loving and kind to others but no one tells us to love yourself first. Self-love is the foundation for a healthy and creative mind as well as for a fulfilled and abundant life

We can alter our own DNA to raise to next level consciousness , be more aware of our self , our journey. The self help tools used here are very easy to understand and apply. The needed skill is only commitment and punctuality with faith and trust in self to be there every day.

The methodology includes 
  • Forgiveness therapy
  • Daily new Affirmations + associated meditation 
  • Self love techniques + meditation
  • Gratitude therapy 
  • Self Focus + mindfulness
  • Personalized activities based on the history of learners
  • Switch words
These sessions are reported widely with  complete changed life  , so that it has amazed every one.