Course Outline for Learning Reiki

 Reiki Levels

Madam Taketa Method

Practice involved in Symbols

 Dr .Usui Method/Holy Fire Reiki

  No Symbols involved in practice


Level 1-On Hand Healing with 1st symbol

HF Reiki 1- Hands On Healing with Intention only.


Level 2- Remote Healing with all 3 symbols

HF Reiki 2-Remote healing with intension only


Level 3A (Reiki Master)-

Master symbol to practice including master symbol every time for connecting.

HF Reiki Master Practitioner- Practicing with intension knowing the all 4 symbols more deep swift Reiki flow


Level 3B (Reiki Master) Can Teach others beside having fast deep practicing

HF Reiki Master Teacher – Three days activity one hour , Holy Fire symbol granted to teach others

Course Outline:

Reiki 1: Hands-On
Reiki history, Nature and insights ,Science of Dalmatians & Medians  
Little Human Physiology ,-Self-healing practice ,Work Book & Follow up

Reiki 2: Remote
 2nd /3rd Symbol Placement, Self-Healing step by step, Detail usage explained, Reiki steps and essentials, Remote Healing echniques, Reiki Boosting techniques, Reiki water Charging, Candles Charging utilities, Reiki Clock Technique

Reiki 3 : Expanded Energy
 4th Symbols placement, Learning Self Forgiveness , Emotional Balancing, Removing blockages from womb  (Case studies)


Reiki 4 : Holy Fire Reiki Symbol Installed

Enabling to Teach Reiki, Different meditations drafts shared to apply,

3 -4 days one hour online/In person session. Holy Fire Reiki Symbol is granted.         

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