What to Learn in Reiki Class

 As a Reiki Master Teacher, our role is essential in nurturing and guiding students on their Reiki journey. Let’s explore some key points for creating impactful Reiki classes:

  1. Class Duration:
  2. When designing a Reiki I class, consider the appropriate duration. Some classes are as short as four hours, while others span two full days.
  3. Remember that most Reiki I students are beginners. Allocate sufficient time for foundational learning.
    • Topics to Cover:
      • Reiki History: Share the origins and principles of Reiki.
      • Hand Placements: Teach practical techniques for hands-on healing.
      • Attunements: Explain the attunement/placement process.
      • Energy Concepts: Provide a basic understanding of the auric field, energy centers and energy flow.
      • Mind-Body-Energy Connection: Help students grasp how balanced energy impacts overall health.
      • Experiential Learning: Include activities so students can feel and practice what is taught.

  4. Transforming Esoteric Concepts:
    • Many students enter Reiki I classes with no prior exposure to energy concepts. Mastrs role is to make these concepts tangible.
    • Connect the dots: Explain how emotions, life choices, and energy influence well-being.
    • Set learning objectives that transform esoteric ideas into concrete knowledge.
  5. Experiential Activities:
    • Engineers and skeptics benefit from experiential learning. Provide opportunities for students to:
      • Practice self-healing techniques.
      • Experience energy flow.
      • Understand the impact of emotions on health.
      • Feel the mind-body connection.
  6. Balancing Theory and Practice:
    • Balance theory (what you say) with practice (what they feel).
    • Encourage students to explore Reiki on themselves and others.
    • Foster confidence in their abilities as Reiki healers.

Remember, effective teaching lays the foundation for students’ growth as competent and confident healers. 

If you’d like to explore more about Reiki or have specific questions, feel free to ask 

Course Outline:

Reiki 1: Hands-On
Reiki history, Nature and insights ,Science of Dalmatians & Medians  
Little Human Physiology ,-Self-healing practice ,Work Book & Follow up

Reiki 2: Remote
 2nd /3rd Symbol Placement, Self-Healing step by step, Detail usage explained, Reiki steps and essentials, Remote Healing echniques, Reiki Boosting techniques, Reiki water Charging, Candles Charging utilities, Reiki Clock Technique

Reiki 3 : Expanded Energy
 4th Symbols placement, Learning Self Forgiveness , Emotional Balancing, Removing blockages from womb  (Case studies)


Reiki 4 : Holy Fire Reiki Symbol Installed

Enabling to Teach Reiki, Different meditations drafts shared to apply, 3 -4 days one hour online/In person session. Holy Fire Reiki Symbol is granted.           

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