Healing Candles

Candles have always been a center of focus for Reiki healers because they know where attention goes energy flows. Candles are used to store Reiki energy that is to to be released at the time and place where healing is required.

Colored and scented candles are thought to be more effective in holistic healing therapies. Where as geometric shapes of candles attract the attention of many users.


1- Healing For Hours:  Some time the client is not able to reach out the        healer in that case REIKI candles are exact replacement of actual Reiki healing as if one is being reiki healed in person by a Reiki healer.

2- Serve as 24 Hours Healing :Some issues need long term regular Reiki healing , candle healing serve as 24       hour energy flow  as per the issue and time period  required.

3- Space cleansing: is the most challenging healing process for healer to cleanse         the space negativity of negativity Candles have a very strong impact.

4- Affordable :Candle healing is affordable for long term healing like for weeks   months t0 help with the issues stuck for years n years without visiting the       healer for in person sessions.

What does candle healing do

There are almost all the problems that can be solved with candle healing. the major issues with 100% positive out comes are

  1. Removing Financial Blockages, business or job issues. Issues related problems arising at work, conflicts, decision making and day to day functions.
  2. Goal achievement or new projects to be successful
  3. Travelling abroad for religious , business or recreation purpose.
  4. Education abroad/Scholarship  or Admission in desired institutes.( As per merit).
  5. Marriage and perfect match making 
  6. Removal of negativity at home or in person , amongst the family or with employer.
  7. Depression , low steam lack of interest and focus in studies.
  8. Reiki healing candles are used for meditation by Reiki healers as well as during the process of empowering the students with Reiki.
Set of 3 Coloured gel candels for 11 days is of price PKR1500
Set of 6 coloured gel Candles for 21 day is of PKR 2500
Simple white candles set are also available in the range of PKR1000 - 2000
Customised orders are processed too as per need of the clients

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